Sunday, February 5, 2012


The first of things always seem hard.  First day of school, first date, first kiss, first step, first time riding a bike, and I'm sure you could think of many more.  First times never end.  Many "first time's" that I haven't yet experienced are popping into my head this very moment.  It will never end, that's what makes this life so great and NOT boring.  Something new happens every single day, sometimes the new things are predictable, other times there's no way you could have predicted it.

Today I read a couple articles in a church magazine (Ensign) for the first time.  I taught a Sunday School lesson to 8-11 year olds that I hadn't taught before.  My husband and I had LDS Missionaries over for dinner who hadn't been over before.  I'm sure there's many other new things I've done today...

Oh yeah... Today is my first entry to this blog.  :)

This blog will be dedicated to my thoughts on how gospel principles and commandments not only help strengthen our Spirit but our Body and Mind, as well.  I decided to start a blog because I eventually want to write a book and what better way to get started organizing my thoughts and ideas than through a blog?!  I also plan on discussing Yoga, dance, health, and I'm sure many other topics will come up... so come what may, and love it!

Well... I hope you love it... <3


  1. oh my goodness i can't begin to tell you how excited i am for this. i have been trying to surround myself with more of this kind of stuff... how did you know? ;) looking forward to it.